The Changing IT Playground

CIO Lebanon Association

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The Changing IT Playground”

Venue: West Hall AUB

Date: Saturday November 14, 2015 – 9:00 to 4:30 p.m.

The event provides a unique opportunity for leading technology providers to present and showcase their vision, strategy, and latest IT innovations.  Invitees will have a first-hand occasion to probe and examine these strategies, and to network with their peers.

The list of providers by alphabetical order includes: Aruba , Deloitte & Touche, EMC, HP, IBM, Leviton, Al Makased, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Key topics includes:

“The  Future Consumer”; “Local Challenges in Adopting the Cloud”; “The Data Scientist”; “Innovative Uses of IT”; and “Infrastructure /Security.

The Future Consumer

Opinion, 20-10-2015,Writting By, CIO Lebanon

The future of consumption and retail is unlike anything we have seen before. With online shopping having reinvented the way we consume, and consumer preferences driving innovation in technology, this industry is set to transform even further.In the not-so-distant future, everyday devices connected to the Internet will be an everyday phenomenon.  As the market shows massive signs of a real breakthrough—and break out—for connected devices, what should companies be thinking about today?

Show value: Capturing revenue opportunities will mean demonstrating the value of connected devices to consumers.

Entice interest: Incentives can help consumers move past security and privacy concerns.

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Local Challenges in Adopting the Cloud

Opinion, 20-10-2015,Writting By, CIO Lebanon

Cloud computing is becoming a game changer for Enterprises by offering scale-able infrastructure and capabilities available as services. It is a paradigm where computing resources are available when needed, and you pay for their use in much the same way as for household utilities.
Cloud is a shift in the consumption and delivery of IT with the goal of simplifying to manage complexity more effectively. Cloud represents the industrialization of delivery for IT-supported services. Cloud models are delivering on the promise to help businesses work smarter by providing flexible, cost-effective access to technology and information.
A basic Cloud is generally consisted of Servers, storage, applications, and services are accessed via a common network. They are shared between organizations, and accessed by users. The users may be members of the organizations working on-premise, remote workers, customers, or members of the general public.

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The Data Scientist

Opinion, 20-10-2015,Writting By, IBM

Rising alongside the relatively new technology of big data is the new job title data scientist. While not tied exclusively to big data projects, the data scientist role does complement them because of the increased breadth and depth of data being examined, as compared to traditional roles.

So what does a data scientist do?

A data scientist represents an evolution from the business or data analyst role. The formal training is similar, with a solid foundation typically in computer science and applications, modeling, statistics, analytics and math. What sets the data scientist apart is strong business acumen, coupled with the ability to communicate findings to both business and IT leaders in a way that can influence how an organization approaches a business challenge. Good data scientists will not just address business problems, they will pick the right problems that have the most value to the organization.
The data scientist role has been described as “part analyst, part artist.” Anjul Bhambhri, vice president of big data products at IBM, says, “A data scientist is somebody who is inquisitive, who can stare at dat

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Innovative Uses Of Technology

Opinion, 20-10-2015,Writting By, CIO Lebanon

Technology has the potential to significantly improve our daily lives, increase our standard of living and help solve today's key challenges in energy, health, information and communication, materials and our environment.
The innovative application of technology facilitates new insights and a new way of viewing a problem that can lead to significant scientific breakthroughs.

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Infrastructure / Security:

Opinion, 20-10-2015,Writting By, CIO Lebanon

Industrial control systems are moving from analog to digital. Though this is a necessary step in modernizing these systems, making this change inherently adds cyber security risks, especially for critical IT infrastructures.

The increasing availability of malicious tools means even smaller critical infrastructure sites are at a significant cyber security risk.

“Did you know the same exact tool that caused the recent massive Sony breach can be purchased easily online by anyone?”

Critical infrastructure breaches can lead to significant service outages and critical data loss.

Attacks on the following infrastructures could have potentially disastrous consequences on a large scale.


Implementing IT infrastructure security to meet critical infrastructure protection standards is no longer the kind of investment organizations need to make “someday”. Critical infrastructure security is a top priority in 2015 and beyond.

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