1. Peer group of IT Executives to collaborate and share knowledge.

2. Peer group to motivate and improve local technology supplier profiles and quality of service.

3. Peer group to engage with the Government in developing and shaping business-favorable IT legislation.

4. To support the professional development of group members. 

5. Develop a stronger awareness of the CIO profession and role within member organizations and throughout Lebanon.

6. Improve CIO to CxO relations by educating and exposing CxOs to the value and role of IT. 

7. Develop a research community to improve the professional and academic IT programs in Lebanon, and to improve organizational access to quality research knowledge.

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8. Promote local IT talent to outside of Lebanon.

Our Mission

The mission of the CIO Lebanon Association is to promote the strategic value that IT brings to local organizations and to the local economy.
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Membership Benefits

The following are some of the key benefits to potential new members:

The ability to develop a large network of peers for sharing knowledge, experience, and practices. This may be accomplished during the many formal events that the group will be hosting, as well as through the infinite number of informal channels that will be established. The group has already attracted members with impressive IT leadership experience within local, regional, and international organizations.

The ability to significantly improve the collective and individual bargaining power of participating members with technology suppliers and vendors. The group may directly or indirectly motivate vendors to improve their service and product offerings. The group may also develop technology-specific user groups to further improve relations with vendors.

The ability to collaborate with governmental ICT legislative bodies to recommend and shape more favorable ICT laws. The benefits of new laws bare a significant impact on members’ own organizations as well as Lebanon at large.

 To improve the relationship between members and their Management teams (CIOs and other CxO relationships). This may be accomplished by conducting and hosting seminars and related events with the CxOs of participating members explaining the value of IT and the relation.

Collaborating with local and international universities to develop a research community, which provides the following benefits:

Learn about new Business/IT theories and practical / empirical studies.

Free access to fresh university talent (students and professors).

•Ability to shape and improve local university business and IT curricula.

 Build local best practices case studies to improve awareness and reputation of local organizational practices.

 Improve relations between Industry and Academia.

Be part of an emerging CIO / CxO learning academy which will provide access to and training in Business topics such as: Strategic Planning, Benefits Management, Change/Cultural Management, Relationship Management, Architecture Management, and other technical trends such as: Business Intelligence, Business Process Management/re-engineering, M-Commerce, etc.

Learn by being affiliated to other local and international best practice associations.